Our Services

Wellness and Preventive Care

From puppy/kitten to senior life stages, we are knowledgeable and committed to providing the best care for your pet and satisfying all their needs for a long and healthy life.

Surgery and Dentistry

We perform a wide range of procedures including but not limited to:

Routine spays and neuters
Mass removal
Abdominal surgery
Prophylactic gastropexies (to prevent rotation of stomach when bloated or GDV)
Dental cleanings and extractions (when necessary)


Our hospital is equipped with full body and dental digital radiology to provide the best images possible when radiographs are performed to help us aid in the diagnosis of your pets’ illness.

Internal and Reference Testing Options

We have in house Idexx labwork and urinalysis equipment that provide us quick and accurate results, especially when pets are sick or require surgery. Having immediate results can be very helpful in determining an appropriate treatment plan for our patients. We also partner with Idexx reference laboratories for routine tests, preventive profiles, and special tests that can wait for results to be received usually within 24-48 hours.


We carry a broad selection of medications, preventives, and prescription diets from Hills Science Diet. We also have an online pharmacy option for client convenience where you can receive your prescriptions shipped to your house with free shipping (**prescription diets require shipping unless enrolled in autoship**)